ET Solar Attends Bloomberg NEF 2022 New York Summit


As the world leading solar cell and module manufacturer, ET Solar as a partner sponsor was invited to attend the summit. On the first day of the meeting, ET Solar held an in-depth roundtable discussion with the guests on the theme of ” Outlook on Cell and Module Technology and Their Impact on Project Economics “, which raised extensive attention and discussion from the participants.

Energy transition and zero carbon emissions have become the focus of growing attention amid the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation and supply chain disruptions. In order to solve the above changelings, the global solar industry is focusing on improving module efficiency, reducing energy costs, increasing energy output in order to maximizing profitability. In recent years, module wattage improvement is basically replying on increasing the size of solar cell/module. Based on the vertically integrated solar cell and module capacity, ET Solar is focusing on improving the cell/module efficiency in order to improve the module wattage and reduces the LCOE.

The summit invited many experts and leaders from government policy, energy companies, financing parties and technological innovation. ET Solar's technical and business experts had an in-depth discussion on the next generation of PV technology and business model with the roundtable participants, focusing on the opportunities and challenges for global solar industry.

Alex Chen, the General Manager of ET Solar Inc., was invited in an exclusive interview: ET Solar is always focusing on the product quality and technology innovation. Through the diversified application of technology, we have further improved the performance and reliability of solar module. Meanwhile, using TOPCon technology to improve cell efficiency can further reduce the system cost. In the future, we will continue to focus on improving the cell/module efficiency, in order to reduce LCOE. The market and policy are always change in the last few years, our team owns a precise strategy that based on our in-house manufacturing facilities in SE-Asia, we will build up a globally upstream and downstream supply chain to better serve US and global solar industry.