ET Solar Partners with Munich Re to Insure Its Warranties


Munich Re is an international leading reinsurance company, which implements the most stringent factory inspection standards in this industry. In order to qualify for reinsurance, a series of strict assessment and inspection have to be made and passed, such as technical risk assessment of ET Solar module, the assessment of ET Solar factory quality management system, the production processing assessment, and audit of raw material checklist. The reinsurance from Munich Re guarantees the bankability and profitability of solar projects all around the world.

“We highly appreciate the partnership with Munich Re” said Alex Chen, the Head of Sales and Marketing of ET Solar. “Munich Re will provide insurance to back-up our 12 years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty. The underwriting by such a well-known insurance company will provide a reliable third-party guarantee for investors and financing parties that choose to install ET Solar modules.”

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