EWS adds SolarEdge to its product portfolio


EWS Managing Director Kai Lippert is pleased about the new addition to the product portfolio: “The SolarEdge system represents a strong alternative to traditional inverter solutions, not only for complex rooftop designs. It is particularly suitable for commercial and private applications where the focus lies on yield maximization and a flexible plant design.

For Marco Ledić, Director of Residential and Distribution Sales Germany at SolarEdge, this cooperation further strengthens SolarEdge’s position as a leader in the European and German PV market: “EWS’ market position and wide installer base allows SolarEdge to expand its reach in Germany and provide more people access to optimized solar energy.”

SolarEdge’s DC optimized inverter solution is comprised of a simplified inverter and DC/DC optimizers that is responsible for turning each module into a smart module. Power optimizers are either module-integrated, fixed to the frame, or screwed to the substructure, in order to manage and monitor the individual performance of each solar module for increased energy production.

The simplified inverter is responsible for DC/AC conversion and grid interaction. Consequently, SolarEdge inverters are less complex and therefore more cost-effective due to fewer components. In addition to classic inverters, they have considerable higher warranties. What is more, the use of SolarEdge components allows for reduction of BOS costs with strings up to 15.3 kW. SolarEdge technology is used both with residential and utility applications.

The portfolio of the company, which was founded in 2006 and listed on the NASDAQ, is available with immediate effect at EWS. SolarEdge technology also includes its StorEdge solutions for the integration of battery storage systems for increased self-consumption or backup applications. Furthermore, installers and their customers benefit from a high level of service and safety: In addition to extensive warranty conditions (12-year product warranty for inverters and 25-year for power optimizers), SolarEdge’s SafeDCTM feature, which is embedded into all SolarEdge inverter solutions, fulfils the VDE Directives for fire protection.

The system’s module-level monitoring is free for 25 years on a computer, smart phone or tablet.
Further details on the partnership and information on the products are available immediately at www.photovoltaics.eu.