Flexibility requires compatibility

According to the latest market application data from Europe, as the largest PV inverter manufacturer of Asia, Sungrow’s PV inverters are now fully compatible with monitoring system of Meteocontrol, Skytron and Solarlog. Monitoring system makes the PV system transparent and informs the data receiver immediate in case of repair and maintenance in need, it improves the performance of the power plant, and playing a more and more important role in the PV power plant.

As known as the leading PV inverter company of Asia, Sungrow devoted to the renewable energy power supply field for over 15 years and its profound technology accumulation ensured the reliable performance of the products.

The company now has a big family of inverters and relevant products as following. •low-and-medium power type: SG2K5TL, SG3KTL-M, SG4KTL-M, SG5KTL-M, SG10KTL, SG12KTL, SG15KTL, SG20KTL, SG30KTL

•high power type: SG100K3, SG250K3, SG500KTL, SG630KTL

•junction box: PVS-16M and etc.

Those products use the unified communication protocol which enable the compatibility transferrable, as the communication protocol and the communication board has been tested successfully, the compatibility will be also applicable for the whole family-including the product come to the market in the future. Further, for big power plant, the junction box PVS-16M has also been successfully tested for Skytron monitoring system.

In addition to general data transmission and monitoring, it is also possible to realize power management functions via our partners’ products. In Germany, all power PV plants should abide by the Renewable Energy Act and technically the inverters should fulfill the requirements in VDE AR4105 and BDEW “Technical guideline for generating plants connected to the medium voltage grid”.

In some cases, also grid companies could have requirements on active close-loop solutions for the power management. Those requirements are gradually becoming development trends of the market. With realization of the compatibility of Sungrow inverters and Meteocontrol, Skytron and Solarlog products, a win-win situation between Sungrow and its partners has been reached. It also gives Sungrow’s customers more flexibility in supplier selection and application.

Sungrow is open-minded and ready to release the protocol to customers who would like to have their individual monitoring solutions.