FuturaSun secures finance for 3 MW PV projects in Germany


FuturaSun obtained, through its investee Greenrock Verwaltungs GmbH, funding from the German Bank, GLS, for the construction of 3 MW of PV-projects in central Germany. The 3 MW is only the first part of an important planned pipeline which will exceed 30 MW when completed. With this new important project, created as part of the governmental program of EEG incentives for solar energy development, the Italian company FuturaSun strengthens its presence on the German market.

The first 3 MW are broken down into 8 large separate projects, the smallest is 161 kW, and the largest is 748 kW. On the 8 rooftops, a total of 10.975 FuturaSun FU280P 280 Wp modules will be installed and the systems will be completed by the first quarter of 2019.

These are photovoltaic roofs on buildings that all have in common the removal of previous asbestos cement roofs and the complete renewal of the roofs. In fact, it is a project with double environmental value: elimination of an existing negative impact and an investment in renewable energy.

Because of the high environmental profile it guarantees, the contract was funded by GLS Bank, which has been financing FuturaSun projects for more than two years. GLS is the first German ethical bank, founded in 1974 and careful to select initiatives with specific social and environmental implications exclusively. Also, it is even further confirmation of the bankability of the projects signed by FuturaSun, which is based on precise financial guarantees, but also technical.

In fact, Germany is one of the most severe test benches for product quality. In August 2017, FuturaSun was one of the first in the world to obtain certification of its photovoltaic modules according to the new technical regulations IEC 61215:2016 from the TüV Rheinland, the most renowned German certification body based in Cologne.