GPtech has inaugurated a sales-engineering office in Santiago (Chile). With this oppenness, the company culminates its establishment in this country, where, in 2012, it has colaborated with the development of Calama Solar 3, the first utility scale PV plant of Chile (1MW). For this project, GPtech has participated as provider for power conversion devices with the supply of PV inverters. Since its inauguration last June, 2012, these equipment have shown high-level proficiency, working full time at 2.400 metres under extreme environmental conditions, adapting to a particularly high dust density. Gptech’s PV inverters offer, as well, a total number of hours of operation above the average, with a maximum output exceeding 98% to achieve a plant factor of 34% The new sales-engineering office will cover different areas. On the one hand, it gives support to the management of grid connection license; specifically, it focuses on the evaluation of the technical solution proposed in-house, grid impact studies, etc. GPtech’s knowledge of the electrical system of Chile is fundamental for facilitating the approval of the plant connection On the other hand, the company carries out the technical evaluations of projects, offering different services: the generation of plant models that integrates all components and its submission to different test, evaluation of the fulfillment of the local technical requirements, starting with the preliminary design state of the plant from the design stage of the project, or support for the adequacy of the plant to updated demands. As it has happened in other countries with high penetration of renewable energies, the system operators in Chile could carry out some changes in the networking requests for the existent plants. GPtech offers technical-economical studies and analysis of the possible solutions and modifications. Additionally, GPtech aims to participate in working groups for the technical support in foums where they are proposed new technologies to solve problems of the grid stability, energy quality, etc.; as well as to colaborate in research project related to power electronics and integration of renewable energies. In this sense, GPtech is already in contact with Federico Santamaría de Valparaíso University, Concepción University, Chile University and Santiago University. With the opening of this sales engineering office, GPtech aims to consolidate its leadership in Chile. This country offers a strong potential for the PV inverter market, what entails a big opportunity for GPtech, expert in the development of these devices. Also, the company will focus on the development of grid support systems with storage systems (BESS) as complete solutions for the stability necessities of the electric grid, as well as on the improvement of grid integration of renewable power and hybrid generation plants. GPtech is pioneer in the development of industrial applications based on next generation power electronics. It provides integral solutions principally focused on PV Grid Integration Market, but also in Wind Energy, Transport and Energy. With more than 1,5GW installed capacity in Power Conversion Technologies and 500 MW of PV plants equipped with GPtech Inverters Solutions, it has become one of the most important suppliers of power electronic equipments.