Greentech provides Technical Advisory for PV portfolio in Poland


In the first step, the yield assessment required for the project was prepared. “GreenEurope’s 12” consists of 12 individual PV parks, each with a capacity of 1 MWp, located in the Polish voivodeships of Masovian, Lublin and Holy Cross. greentech’s PV specialists evaluated the performance and yield of the individual plants and the overall portfolio. Currently, the first project is being implemented. By mid-2022, all plants in the portfolio should be connected to the grid.

In order to generate a yield forecast that is as accurate as possible, greentech used selected irradiation sources as well as the exact topography of the terrain in connection with the planned module layout. By this, a precise shading scene could be created. In addition, the characteristics of the planned components as well as the exact interconnection had to be considered in detail. “greentech convinced us with their fast and – at the same time – precise work. With their experience and the associated foresight, they have been able to provide a sound basis for the project calculations,” says Dominik Ehrenthal, Head of Project Financing at wiwi consult. The portfolio is to be sold in the coming weeks. “We are sure that we can attract many investors for the portfolio with these solid yield forecasts.”

Convincing know-how by technical expertise and many years of operational management practice

greentech’s expertise in the field of yield assessments also comes from the many years of experience in the operational management of photovoltaic plants. “In addition to our technical expertise, it is precisely this experience that enables us to make and justify realistic forecasts when estimating yields and performances,” explains greentech Managing Director Jörn Carstensen. “This also includes a critical view on documents and datasheets. We are pleased that we were able to convince with our know-how as an independent expert in this case.” greentech, headquartered in Hamburg, has been active on the Polish market in PV operations and as a technical consultant since 2020.