Ground-breaking U.S. solar lease program announced


In partnership with Sunpower, Lennar introduced the innovative leasing program last year with sales of energy-efficient Lennar homes in California. Under the program, called Sunpower Access, Lennar homeowners lease a high-efficiency solar system that generates most of a home's electricity at a cost below current utility rates for the average homeowner. As utility rates increase, so will savings – providing homeowners a hedge against soaring energy costs.

Lennar's solar-leasing program is supported by a wide range of government, business and environmental leaders, including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. "California's green policies are promoting the expansion of clean, renewable energy in our communities and growing our green economy," commented Gov. Schwarzenegger. "It is companies like Lennar and these innovative partnerships that are creating jobs now while helping us reach a cleaner, more sustainable future."

Gov. Schwarzenegger recently signed AB 510 into law to raise the cap on net metering in California, which allows home and business owners who install solar generators to be paid by their electric utility for the surplus power they produce.

The Nation's Largest Solar Builder

Lennar is already the nation's largest builder of new solar homes. The company's recently introduced PowerSmart program strengthens its green commitments by offering homeowners some of the most energy efficient features available in the market today. For more information, go to:

Since 2006, Lennar has installed Sunpower solar systems in more than 1,700 homes in California. The company recently completed a pilot project launched last year in the Sacramento market that delivered more than 150 solar homes through the leasing program. The lease program is now offered in Lennar communities in Sacramento, Fresno and in Southern California, including San Diego and Corona (in the Inland Empire).

"Working together with Sunpower for the past four years, Lennar has become an industry leader in the delivery of solar-powered new homes," said Jon Jaffe, Lennar's chief operating officer. "Our PowerSmart program includes a wide range of energy efficient features that saves money and at the same time helps save the environment. The introduction of our solar leasing program makes those savings even greater, and at no additional up-front cost. It's a tremendous model not only for our homeowners in California but for homeowners throughout the nation."