Growatt inverter series now approved in Austria


Austria is one of the most demanding markets in Europe when it comes to the approval of inverters. This is due to the fact that the country has an electricity supply reliability of 99.99% – a top value worldwide. To maintain this high standard, only inverters that meet the strictest technical and safety requirements may be installed. The complete list of approved inverters can be found on Oesterreich Energie’s website.

With the newly approved inverters, the three-phase Battery Ready series MOD 3-10KTL3-XH and MID 11-30KTL3-XH from Growatt can now be used in addition to the hybrid inverter series SPH 4000-10000TL3-BH UP with the compatible ARK HV batteries. This enables the installation of the new and innovative APX HV Battery, which allows the end customer to retrofit battery capacities individually and without time limits. Thanks to the newly developed and integrated parallel soft-switching technology, the APX HV Battery offers maximum flexibility and efficiency.

To comply with all guidelines, new firmware is required, which can be updated by the installer via our online monitoring and maintenance system OSS using a new firmware upgrade button. In Growatt's OSS, not only can firmwares be updated, but settings and parameters can also be adjusted, and the newly installed inverters can be read out in order to register them with the grid operator. Detailed instructions are available from Growatt-certified dealers or from Growatt's Austrian support team at

“We are proud that our inverters meet the high demands of the Austrian market and thus contribute to the ongoing energy transition and security of supply in Austria,” said Junning Xu, Product Manager at Growatt. “Our customers in Austria can rely on Growatt's proven quality and reliability while benefiting from our innovative solutions.”