Hanersun Inked MoU with Solfácil to Supply 400MW of N Type PV Modules for Brazilian Distribution Generation Marke


This will be the first large-scale shipment of Hanersun's HITOUCH 5N 585W high-performance module to Brazil, expanding access to the technology and benefiting more end users and will surely deepen the strategic partnership between the two companies.

Thanks to stimulating policies of state, Brazil's solar market has grown strongly in recent years, leading Latin America in installation capacity. As a pioneer in solar fintech, Solfácil has 8+ years of experience helping Brazil become the largest distributed solar market in the world, and has performed excellently in Brazil through its 4,250+ active solar installers and 66,000+ customers.

This module deal signifies meaningful cooperation between the companies and sets the stage for expanded partnership ahead.

Under the MoU, the contract flagship HITOUCH 5N modules adopt 182mm TOPCon cells with MBB+half-cut cell design and high-density encapsulation, leading module efficiency of 22.65% and near-zero LID/LeTID effect. The stable performance and highly compatible size make the product ideal for distributed projects.

Hanersun VP SUNNY SUN commented, “We appreciate Solfácil's trust in Hanersun. Through professional support and full-service, we will deepen cooperation across Brazil. And HITOUCH 5N will provide a more efficient, reliable solar experience for customers while promoting the low-carbon transition.”

The CTO of Solfácil expressed confidence in the partnership, stating, “As one of the world's largest solar markets, cooperation between Hanersun and Solfácil is important. The TOPCon 585W technology increases panel efficiency for Brazilians. We believe that the combination of Hanersun's advanced modules and Solfácil's leading position in financing will create complementary strengths and inject more vitality into the market.”

The deal marks expanding recognition of Hanersun's solutions in Brazil and exemplifies its role in advancing global clean energy goals. Committed to leadership, Hanersun will continue internationalizing to deliver cutting-edge PV experiences supporting the energy transition.