Hanersun was awarded “Top 100 Solar PV Brands” and “The Fastest Growing Brand” this year


With its strong innovation, outstanding quality, and increasingly excellent performance since last year’s brand renewal, Hanersun was awarded “PVBL Top 100 Solar PV Brands in the World” and “The Fastest Growing Brand of 2023”.

As a leading solar manufacturer, Hanersun has always been known for its innovation capacity and strict quality control. Hanersun has strengthened its technology development, process upgrade, and product iteration. Since the brand switched successfully last year, Hanersun has accelerated its visibility in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia and achieved remarkable worldwide market performance and customer reputation results. By winning the PVBL “the Fastest Growing Brand of 2023”, Hanersun has proven its competitive strength around the world.

On the road to global carbon neutrality, new energy companies represented by solar and energy storage are receiving more and more attention. As an important player, Hanersun will continue to promote technological upgrading and innovation in the PV industry with a stable development strategy, making a more important contribution to the low-carbon world and building an excellent world-class solar brand.