High power Ecosolargy Titan series


The Titan Series module line has been proven to exceed industry standards through a multitude of rigorous tests and development. The R&D team at ecoSolargy not only examines new technology concepts and practices but also the needs and input of its customers by bringing forth solutions. The Titan Series offers up to 300 watt solar modules with cell efficiency at a maximum of 18 percent.

Finding a solution

ecoSolargy developed the Titan Series for utility and commercial scale projects that seek modules with high output while maintaining a small footprint. More power per square feet can now be achieved with lower labor and material cost. By successfully working alongside our clients, ecoSolargy now offers a high power and efficient module while implementing new manufacturing processes and practices to effectively introduce the Titan Series at a competitive price.


RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards) across the nation requiring public and private utilities to add renewable energy to their power generating technologies have set forth a surge in demand for components suitable for utility scale projects. The Titan Series high powered modules were designed with this objective in mind so that they have a higher efficiency with an overall smaller footprint. In utility scale projects, a Titan Series array minimizes time, labor, and material cost by having fewer modules that are required to produce more power.


Many companies across the nation are seeking green solutions to integrate into their corporate structure and values while lowering their electrical overhead cost effectively. Small rooftop footprints on many commercial buildings have challenged many installation opportunities for the industry. The Titan Series is designed to overcome these obstacles by increasing power generated per square feet on commercial rooftops.

To further elaborate: A rooftop with a 10,000 square feet footprint installed with 200 watt modules will produce 108 kilowatts with 540 modules. With the new Titan Series 300 watt modules, the same rooftop will produce 135 kilowatts with 450 modules. This illustrates that less labor and material will be utilized to produce 27 kilowatts more with 90 modules less.

Titan series

ecoSolargy Titan Series modules consist of the highest caliber components in the industry. Effective cell manufacturing technology enables the Titan Series to obtain cell conversion efficiency up to 18 percent. The Titan Series modules will be available in 270 watt to 300 watt module sizes and will produce 17 watts per square foot. Listed with the California Energy Commission (CEC) and other testing agencies, the Titan Series will also guarantee a 25 year performance warranty as with all ecoSolargy solar modules.

ecoSolargy Inc. is a U.S. company that is driven to provide solar solutions to the renewable energy industry. Innovating new technologies and practices, ecoSolargy is proud to meet the needs and demands of turning on solar across the nation.