Hopewind strengthens its localization strategy in Brazil


Established in 2007 and listed in 2017, Hopewind specializes in designing and producing renewable and electrical solutions, including Wind Power Converters, PV inverters, BESS, SVG, and industry drive. The company is recognized as the world's leading Wind Power Converter provider, as well as one of the Top 10 PV inverter brands in China. By the end of 2022 , its cumulative shipments of renewable energy products has exceeded 100GW.

As a comprehensive renewable energy solutions provider, Hopewind harbors unparalleled competitiveness on technical innovation in the renewable energy realm. Through utilizing its built-up experience on electrical engineering, the company is now capable of offering customized all -scenario PV solutions ranging from 3 kW to 250kW, covering residential, C& I and medium utility-scale PV applications. Continuously breaking the technical bottleneck, the pioneering innovator is also planning to launch the 350kW inverter specially designed for large -scale utility power plants, enhancing is competitiveness in the PV market by lowering the LCOE and maximizing the system yields for the customers.

Tailored to the Brazilian PV market, Hopewind has just launched its latest 3 -10kW series single – phase inverters, catering to the surging demands for residential solar applications. With a maximum PV input current of 20 A, this series makes a perfect match with both 182 mm and 210mm PV modules, uprooting the customers’ concern over the inverter’s compatibility with any PV modules while maximizing the system yields.

With regard to customer support and services, Hopewind has built a local team in Brazil with a group of experienced solar professionals, and established its local warehousing which secures a storage capacity of 15MW, enabling timely support, efficient logistic and cost -effective services for the customers. The company says it is continuously expanding its local team to meet its quickly expanding market demands, and it has also announced the opening date of its new Brazil office which falls on March 27.

“We are very delighted to work with Hopewind as their distributor in Brazil. Their first -class quality products and services have helped us win the hearts of our customers. Through conducting technical workshops to help us get more hands -on experience, they have also empowered us to serve our customers better, ” said João Ribeiro, CEO at Brassunny Energia Solar.

“Hopewind has established a comprehensive service team, a maintenance center and spare parts inventory in Brazil, which offers efficient and professional support to us and our customers, and this is the kind of quality service and guarantee that we want to bring to the market, ” commented Liang, CEO at LDS Energia Solar.