In Wake of Hurricane Sandy, GeoGenix expands residential energy solutions


GeoGenix, a leading residential and commercial solar integrator in the mid-Atlantic region, announced today that it has expanded its residential energy solutions offerings to include permanent generators, a cleaner, safer and more convenient alternative to gas-powered, portable generators. GeoGenix’s offering comes on the heels of Hurricane Sandy, which ravished much of New Jersey, leaving 2.7 million residential and commercial utility customers without power for days – and weeks, for some.

As part of the new offering, GeoGenix will monitor home energy consumption to properly size permanent or “whole house” generators, which are powered by natural gas or propane, and then engineer and install the system. “After Hurricane Irene, the October 2011 snow storm and, most recently, Hurricane Sandy, many residents want the security of knowing they’ll have power to keep their families comfortable and safe when the power goes out,” said Gaurav Naik, principal and co-owner of Old Bridge, N.J.-based GeoGenix. “Permanent generators are a cleaner, safer and more convenient solution to portable generators; and as an established New Jersey energy solutions provider, we thought this would be an appealing option for New Jersey residents and an appropriate extension of our business.”

Compared to portable generators, permanent generators are cleaner, safer and more convenient. They are powered by fossil fuels and do not emit CO2, which, in addition to being harmful to the environment, can be harmful to one’s health. They turn on automatically and, unlike portable generators, do not have to be chained up when being used and stored when not being used – they are housed outside of the home like a central air conditioning unit.

Adding to the convenience factor, Naik added, “After Hurricane Sandy hit, gasoline was scarce, which was made evident by gas rationing. With a permanent generator, one doesn’t have to worry about running out of gas or waiting on a long line to get it.” In addition to natural gas or propane-powered generators, GeoGenix is offering a hybrid backup solution, which includes a battery bank that is powered by solar power systems.