Innotech Solar: ITS Economy New solar modules obtain Certificate of European Origin??

As a result, clients that utilize ITS modules in their solar installations not only benefit from high European quality standards, but also from improved subsidization regulations in Italy for European solar components.

The modules are manufactured in the Swedish town of Glava in the factory of SweModule, a company in which Innotech Solar holds 75 percent of the shares. ??ITS Economy New modules are chiefly available with the power ratings 230 and 240 Wp, and the company guarantees that each module will achieve at least the nominal power specified.

By using a specially textured glass, reflections are reduced, which particularly increases yields (compared to conventional glass modules) when the sun is low in the sky – such as during winter months and in the evening. Furthermore, optimized solar cells are used to manufacture ITS Economy New modules. Here, cells that are initially rejected are restored to full capacity in a special process developed by Innotech Solar. As a result, the production of these modules conserves great amounts of energy and resources.

??“Innotech Solar has made a conscious decision to use European production sites. Hence in addition to our factories in Sweden and Norway, we have just built a further site in Germany. Our clients can therefore rest assured that our products meet the high standards that are typical in Europe,” says Thomas Hillig, Director of Sales & Marketing for EMEA at Innotech Solar.??

ITS Economy New modules are particularly suitable for roof-top installations and are fitted with MC connectors. A product warranty is offered for five years, or for ten years if the modules are registered in Italian installations. The performance warranty covers 90 percent of the specified minimum output power for ten years, and 80 percent for 25 years.??