International grand challenge to promote PV scientific and technological research launched


The Grand Challenge is open to all talented scientists and researchers with a strong background in scientific research and a high motivation for the development of sustainable energies.

The laureates of the Grand Challenge can be offered Research Grants for a period of three years with possible extension up to six years. In addition to their salary, they will receive special funding for their research projects and will have access to top level equipments in advanced technologies, materials engineering and supercomputing.

In a statement released by the Division of Technological Research, it said: "By providing the laureates with attractive funding and access to top level technologies and equipments, Solar Innovation 2010 will contribute to the promotion of new research and discovery in areas of primary importance for future developments in photovoltaic energy sources.

"Experimentalists, theorists and engineers from all disciplines relevant to photovoltaic science and engineering, who have completed their post doctoral training or have already developed successful research programs, are invited to apply to Solar Innovation 2010. The laureates (up to three) of the Solar Innovation 2010 initiative can be offered a three year Research Fellowship, with a possible extension to six years, providing excellent support for research expenditures – salary, accompanying Post-doc or Ph-D fellowships, funding for equipment and laboratory expenses, conference travel support.They will have access to the world class research and computing facilities of the research campuses located in Grenoble and Chambery."

The selection process will be carried out in two stages:

  1. The participants must complete a pre-application screening form comprising a summary of a research project and a statement of their interest in photovoltaics research and engineering. The deadline is August 15.
  2. Applicants who have received a positive review of their pre-proposal will be invited to submit a full application and to participate in an interview with the Scientific Advisory Board during the first half of November.

The successful applicants will be contacted December 1. Full information about Solar Innovation 2010 and materials for application are available at the web sites: or Submission can only be made electronically at