Intersolar 2023: KSTAR to Boost Green Energy Transition in Germany


KSTAR is committed to powering the future and will showcase the smart PV solutions and energy storage systems with CATL battery at B3-550 in Messe München on June 14-16, 2023.

Germany exceeded its 7 GW photovoltaic expansion target in 2022, and it appears that the goal of reaching 9 GW this year will also be met. However, the federal government aims to achieve an installed photovoltaic capacity of 215 GW by 2030, according to a PV media report.

To meet the rapid development of photovoltaic and energy storage industry in Germany, KSTAR, a prominent player in the global new energy industry, prepares to join the highly anticipated InterSolar Europe 2023. Renowned for its innovative PV & Energy Storage solutions and forward-thinking approach, KSTAR is set to captivate professionals and enthusiasts alike with its cutting-edge new energy technologies and CATL battery solutions. KSTAR boasts a comprehensive product line in solar energy, and its independently developed products enjoy a competitive edge in the PV market. Demonstrating a strong commitment to the principles of low-carbon and energy-saving, the company provides a revolutionary solution that aligns with worldwide sustainability initiatives.

With innovative technology and professional services, KSTAR plans to showcase residential and commercial inverters and energy storage solutions, especially all-in-one ESS with CATL battery. KSTAR has launched all-in-one outdoor cabinet energy storage solution KAC50DP/BC100DE, designed for small to medium size commercial and industrial energy storage and microgrid applications this year. Integrated with a CATL LFP battery solution, the KAC50DP/BC100DE provides safe energy storage and management of power generation output.

Electrochemical and power generation technology form a joint system which, combined with high-level consistency of cells and CATL’s powerful BMS computing, enables the restoring of a stable power grid, optimization of the power output curve and reduction of solar curtailment, increasing the proportion of renewable energy used.

If you want to learn more about KSTAR energy storage solutions for the residential and commercial scenarios, welcome to visit us at B3-550 in Messe München on June 14-16. We look forward to your arrival.