Is the bigger the better?


Nowadays module manufacturing companies are coming up with various wafer sizes. It is a critical time for us to dive into the topic of Price versus Power. While the battle between bifacial and mono facial is still going on, the war between wafer sizes is about to begin.

PV manufacturers are bringing the next wave in Solar Industry, that of big size wafer. But their customers will face a myriad of confusing options—including whether to develop projects at 158.75 mm or 166 mm or opt for something in between. One thing is for sure, few suppliers result into less negotiation power due to limited technical and pricing options. This may also lead to limited demand from customers, of that wafer size, in turn, its high cost of manufacturing.

The path to 158.75 mm is well-defined & gradual compared to that of 161 mm or 166 mm. Currently, 158.75 mm wafer size, represented by JinkoSolar, JA and Trina, is leading & selling twice as others. With notable new product launches last year, the trend is expected to continue for at least, next couple of quarters.

Today, Solar Project is an investment, where price and power go hand-in-hand. LCOE is a key factor in deciding project viability. Moving to any new technologies depends on whether its economic benefits are convincing. Also, it needs to be seen whether it is the best available technology for your project considering the delivery timelines. You will surely not be ready to pay extra dollar, because of limited manufacturing base & implied issues. As an investor, you would hate risk and uncertainty related to key component in Solar PV Plant.