Island fisherman Embraces KSTAR PV+ESS in Thailand


The project is one of the smart off-grid projects KSTAR have deeply penetrated in Thailand market. It will be a stepping-stone for creating a much stronger green cooperation between Thailand customers and KSTAR, going forward.

KSTAR GSE series PCS is a centralized bidirectional converter specially designed for large-scale energy storage system, built-in isolated transformer for stand-alone work mode. It can be used for peak-shaving, frequency regulation and smoothing the output of PV power plant, featured high reliability, high efficiency, and low cost.

“We are so proud to support the households for clean energy and deliver a more sustainable future for the nation.”  said Mr. Arthur Zhan, KSTAR country manager. “Our customers value solar enengy and undertake their own personal energy transition, they reduce their energy costs and now consume fewer natural resources than before. ”