JA Solar announces multi-year supply agreement with MEMC


"MEMC, through its subsidiary Sun Edison, is a leading solar power project developer with an extensive project pipeline, particularly in North America and Europe. This supply agreement demonstrates JA Solar's ability to work with solar industry leaders and create strategic partnerships in the global photovoltaic industry," said Dr. Peng Fang, JA Solar's chief executive officer.

"Our partnership with MEMC greatly enhances JA Solar's position in the solar value chain, further diversifying our geographic presence and enhancing our order visibility, as well as providing us with access to its large project development pipeline. We look forward to building upon this agreement with MEMC to bring solar energy to the world," he added.

"MEMC is pleased to have selected JA Solar as a key supply partner due to the quality, performance and cost profile of their products," concluded Sean Hunkler, MEMC's senior vice president of Customer Advocacy. "Our two companies have complementary strengths in their respective segments of the solar value chain, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with JA Solar."