JinkoSolar Will Ship 110MW Tiger Neo to C&I and Floating Projects in Israe


Tiger Neo is the highest efficiency commercial solar panel available today in the 22% efficiency with extremely low degradation, lower temperature coefficient, high reliability, and proven high energy yield per rated watt. High-efficiency n-type technology intends to reduce LCOE throughout the lifecycle of the system by improved field performance. Higher efficiency, improved field performance from lower temperature coefficient, improved reliability due to low reverse breakdown voltage and a uniform dark appearance are the characteristics of this technology.

The performance of Tiger Neo is another critical advantage. As with anything, performance capabilities decrease with age. Jinkosolar Tiger Neo has a degradation rate of 0.1% for the initial year, half of that of P-PERC panels, and 0.4% per annum after the first year versus 0.55% for P-PERC counterparts.

Backed by exceptional performance and reliability, Jinkosolar provides the best warranty of 30 years. This warranty is the longest on the market and includes product as well as energy output. According to Jinkosolar, Tiger Neo is currently in full-scale manufacturing at approximately 16GW per year in JinkoSolar’s production facility in Anhui and Zhejiang, China.