K2 Systems presents high-quality kits for Brazil at Intersolar South America 2019


User-friendly Dome V systems for flat roofs

For flat roofs, there is the single-sided S-Dome V system with a 10 and 15-degree elevation, as well as the double-sided D-Dome V 10-degree system. The three systems are optimized for ballast and components and have a good coefficient of friction due to a flexible support pad. The simultaneous mounting of modules and mounting system on the roof, as well as the reduced number of screw connections, also saves time.

The three Dome V systems have the same peak, and five common, components. This saves transport and storage costs and simplifies installation. The free design of the successful flat roof systems is a five-step process using K2’s Base planning software.

Practical kits for trapezoidal metal sheets, corrugated fiber cement and tiles

The ‘made in Germany’ kits ensure reliable installation of four solar modules each on different roof coverings. The ‘Kit Hanger Bolt para madeira’ includes the SolidRail and eight hanger bolts for wooden substructures. Kit Hanger Bolt para metal has eight solar fasteners for the SolidRail and is suitable for steel substructures. With 16 SpeedClips and two SpeedRail rails, the Kit SpeedClip can be attached to trapezoidal sheet metal and sandwich roofs. For tiled roofs, the Kit Colonial Aluminium CrossHook is the suitable solution, with eight CrossHook 3S+ roof fasteners.

Digital features: K2 app and K2 Base

The K2 app has two new functions: Roof check helps users enter all core project data directly from the roof to immediately start designing in K2 Base, and Smart Pocket makes all project data, including Base report, available in the app.

The K2 Base planning software now comes with the K2+ interface, eliminating redundant tasks. K2+ directly interconnects K2 Base with the tools of inverter manufactures such as the SolarEdge Designer, enabling straightforward sharing of project data and saving considerable time for users. In addition, the Brazilian standards are integrated and the kits for the pitched roof area can be planned and individualized with K2 Base.