Key Energy 2023: Kehua presents innovations for cleaner energy


As the world's leading provider of PV and energy storage solutions, Kehua presented at Key Energy a full range of products of application scenarios based on decades of industry experience and innovative technologies.

During the two-day event, numerous clients visited the exhibition and showed great enthusiasm for the diversified solutions and outstanding products. They were impressed by the excellent performance of Kehua's products in various application scenarios after in-depth communication with Kehua's experts.

At K.EY 2023, the all-in-one modular residential ESS iStoragE series was undoubtedly the star product. The all-in-one and modular design concept based on Kehua's decades of technology and user experience, contains a number of innovative features. With the growth of the PV industry, the energy storage industry has seen a boom as an inevitable trend in the development of future clean energy solutions. iStoragE, as an advanced residential PV+ESS solution, can increase the self-generation rate and the return on investment. The appearance design of iStoragE, which was a finalist for the IDEA Award, is more in tune with modern home styles, offering not only functionality, but also fashion.

In addition, at the K.EY 2023, Kehua displayed a series string inverter covering residential, C&I and utility scale application scenarios. The X2 series string inverter has a wide range of application and performed well since its launch. Kehua string inverter series is highly favored in the market with many successful cases due to its high efficiency, reliability and intelligent O&M platform.

Over the past few years, Kehua has maintained a strong focus on the Italian market, constantly to bring a better experience to our customers. The high-quality products and application experience have enabled Kehua to leave its mark on the renewable energy market. In the future, Kehua will continue to work with our customers to help the world's green energy revolution.