Menlo Electric and FoxESS Polska sign 150 MW contract to Supply EU Markets


Menlo Electric's mission is to facilitate energy transition by improving access to top-quality components. The distributor is one of the top three distributors of Jinko Solar and Risen Energy modules in EU and the official distributor of JA Solar panels and Sungrow, SolarEdge and FoxESS Polska inverters and batteries. The company exceeded EUR 150M in revenue in 2022, completes over 1,000 orders serving 300+ clients monthly. Menlo Electric expects to double its revenue in 2023. In order to provide its clients reliably with top-quality equipment, it has extended its collaboration with FoxESS Polska for 2023.

FoxESS Polska Sp. z o. o. provides modern and universal products for applications in the renewable energy industry, uses only the highest quality components and provides top quality products. Polish company has been operating on the local market since January 2021, which supplies modern inverters, ready for expansion with energy storage systems, with full equipment and technical support. FoxESS Polska employs a team of experienced engineers in this branch, for more than 12 years in total. That enable to provide the final customers additional benefit from the support service in case of any technical inquiries and problems. The 1:1 door-to-door replacement policy ensures swift arrangement of warranty replacements. Currently, FoxESS Polska is the top leading photovoltaic inverters producer offering the longest warranty on its on-grid and hybrid inverters, chargers, LFP energy storage, and fire-fighting safety switches.

“FoxESS Polska is our long-standing partner with whom we are expanding distribution in the European region. Together we plan to deliver 150 MW of inverters and storage solutions by the end of 2023, – informs Marcin Zienkiewicz, Head of Procurement and Trading at Menlo Electric.

“Our cooperation with Menlo Electric dates back to 2021 and is characterized by a will to supply European market with modern inverters. Now we are also ready to satisfy the clients’ needs with an energy storage solution. As Menlo Electric’s deliveries in the EU market and beyond grow, we are glad to deepen our partnership for this year and the future,” – adds Tomasz Walczyk, FoxESS Polska Country Manager Poland.

As part of the cooperation, FoxESS Polska and Menlo Electric will contribute equipment for a solar and storage installation for a Ukrainian school within #100RESForSchools program run by Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation. “The program aims to reduce the number of hours when the facilities are operating without electricity and enable schools and hospitals to use stored electricity during power outages, while reducing their dependence on the grid and the energy bills respectively. We are continuously looking for new donors for the program and are extremely happy that FoxESS Polska decided join their ranks,” – adds Corina Serban, CSR Manager from Menlo Electric.

In connection to the latest news, Menlo Academy is organizing three free of charge webinars focused on hybrid inverters and batteries by FoxESS Polska.

The first one is in Polish on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 10.00 CET Polska-energiespeicher/register

The second is in English and you can join it on Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 10.00 CET Polska-batteries/register

The last one is in German language on Monday, April 3, 2023 at 10.00 CET Polska-energiespeicher/register