ML System expands its international sales


We are currently involved in the co-execution of several prestigious projects in Croatia, Norway and Italy. The investors have elected to entrust us with the production and delivery of the BIPV modules on account of the complicated nature of these projects and their high product quality expectations. A building located in Norway owned by a company in the oil & gas sector is a particularly big challenge. The glass installed on the ventilated façade several years ago started to corrode. Having regard for safety issues, our Scandinavian partner is replacing the destroyed elements with glass-glass PV modules while the appearance of the façade will not change at all, which is a key concern for the client. At the same time, the building’s energy effectiveness will increase considerably”, remarks Dawid Cycoń, CEO of ML System.

The CEO of ML System anticipates that the extensive interest shown by foreign clients in the company’s innovative solutions will make a positive contribution to its sales.

The project under execution in Croatia, i.e. a new dormitory complex in Osijek was launched in 2018. It calls for integration of a translucent photovoltaic façade produced using glazed glass technology offering high thermal and energy insulation parameters with a total area in excess of 1,000 m2. Triple-pane glazing with a varying level of intensity for the distribution of photovoltaic cells will be employed to ensure that this facility will stand out in terms of its esthetics and functionality. The higher the floors, the greater the density of the active elements. On top of better appearance this will also improve the ratio of gains to the curtain wall’s transparency and energy insulation characteristics. Building-integrated photovoltaics will be installed on the southern, eastern and western façades. The investment kickoff is slated for the turn of March and April of this year. The total capacity of the photovoltaic installation is nearly 100 kW.