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The NanoBolt Tungsten Lithium Battery is a new and advanced improvement to current Lithium battery technology. These revolutionary batteries are targeted at the industrial and electric vehicle market, a multi billion dollar global market with rapid growth expected in the next few years. The NanoBolt Batteries are enhanced with the addition of tungsten and carbon nano tubes to the anode section. The addition of a lattice of nanotube materials greatly increases the battery's ability to charge quicker and hold a charge much longer.

The nano matrix added to the anode provides a greater and denser area for electrons to attach. This increases usability across a wide marketplace. Additionally, the NanoBolt Batteries are a key design component of the company's Dynamicon Solar Kinetic Generator System, an industrial scale electric generator running on Sunlight rather than fossil fuels.

The system uses sunlight and solar cells to keep a large bank of NanoBolt Tungsten Lithium Ion batteries charged for 24 hour around the clock operation. The Dynamicon is a 24 hour Green Energy solution utilizing solar power as a charging source. To learn more, visit: www.NanoBoltBattery.com and www.Dynamicon.co