New clean-tech client in Tijuana shines light on BC manufacturers.


BC Manufacturing (BCM) – one of Baja California’s experts in shelter maquiladora and nearshore services for medical device, aerospace, and high tech sectors – has accomplished a first by helping Mexico’s latest clean-tech company, Siliken, secure not just lower-costs but also significant fiscal incentives, too. This European leader in solar module manufacturing joins other BCM clients that have been able to both benefit from lower overall operational costs just south of Southern California, and also gain from BCM’s “Shelter-Plus” services for technology companies.

“We always go beyond the standard shelter maquiladora services of import/export, HR management, legal, accounting, and site selection for our clients in Mexico, finding additional ways for them to increase their competitive edge,” notes John Riley, CEO of BCM. “But, Siliken’s solar module assembly fit perfectly with Baja California’s clean-tech goals, and BCM’s knowledge of what the State can offer allowed us to help them secure 2.7 million pesos in incentives, as well. That’s a first for any manufacturing service provider.”

This custom approach by BC Manufacturing for each client has been particularly effective for not just green-tech and other technology-intensive industries with high quality standards, but also those that need speed – with some operations starting up within a few weeks. BCM offers both contract manufacturing options, as well as their “shelter-plus” services to identifying and facilitating contacts with cost-cutting regional suppliers, too. Tomas Sibaja, Director of Business Development at BCM, and a board member of the San Diego World Trade Center, points out: “We like to take an integrated approach with clients that want to manufacture in Mexico, and look at the entire Baja California-Southern California Mega Region.

This includes going beyond basics, and helping our clients find quality suppliers on both sides of the border that can both help them save money, and help our regional economy grow. As a member of the Tijuana Economic Development Corporation’s Clean Tech Committee, we think there’s a win-win for green businesses to keep growing under what are becoming very intense global pressures.”