New Generation PERC Product of Talesun with Conversion Efficiency Exceeding 23.1%


The R&D team of Suzhou Talesun Technologies Co., Ltd. recently announced that the average efficiency of new generation PERC product (PERC 2.0) had reached 22.86% with a champion efficiency up to 23.15%.

Based on the traditional PERC manufacturing processes, PERC 2.0 superimposes multiple independent intellectual technologies of Talesun. The saturation current density (J0) is greatly reduced by the improvement of passivation effect and doping profile, and the optical performance is enhanced by the design optimization of front surface texture, rear surface morphology and electrode pattern. Through theoretical simulation and massive experiments, the R&D team has achieved a breakthrough in conversion efficiency. It is expected that the average efficiency will exceed 23% by the end of this year, then 24% will be the new efficiency goal.

Dr. Zhichun Ni, CTO/VP of Talesun, said: “Talesun keeps focusing on the technological innovation and independent intellectual property rights protection. This efficiency breakthrough in PERC 2.0 product proves that the R&D level of Talesun has reached a new height. No pains, no gains. The R&D team will successively launch a series of high-efficiency cells, high-power modules and photovoltaic application products, in order to enriching the range of products and enhance the company's competitiveness. ”

At present, the production lines of Talesun around the world are under upgrading. Profiting from the overall strategic planning of Talesun, this breakthrough in solar cell R&D will be gradually introduced into the production lines. Correspondingly, thanks to PERC 2.0 solar cells, Talesun solar modules will achieve a much higher output power, together with better product solutions for customers.