New PV solution from Parabel: The Unirefix hook-and-loop system


With the newly developed hook-and-loop fastening system on their rear side, thin film modules can not only be installed extremely quickly on almost any roof envelope, but can also be used many times over and removed so that they leave virtually no traces.

UNIREFIX makes every roof suitable for leasing purposes, since the securely fixed but easily and quickly removable hook-and-loop system means that the solar power system no longer forms an integral part of the building. This opens up an entirely new market segment for utilising solar power in large-scale roof projects.

In addition, UNIREFIX now makes it worthwhile to use solar power systems in temporary projects, with buildings that are often converted and on unrefurbished roofs. In case of a refurbishment, the photovoltaic system is removed so the new roof surface can be applied. The lower side of the hook-and-loop fixing system is then merely renewed and the modules can be used again. The system, which has been specially developed for flat and lightweight roofs, is therefore perfectly suited for shorter investment cycles in the industrial sector (depreciation + renewal).

The proven advantages of the SmartRoof system also apply to UNIREFIX: these include its particularly low weight – which is less than four kg per square metre and therefore an enormous advantage with structurally critical lightweight structures, the avoidance of roof penetrations, the excellent yields even with low light and the reduction of materials through using flexible thin-film modules without glass or a substructure.

At Intersolar 2011, Parabel will be showcasing UNIREFIX for the very first time at Booth B 3.439.