North Jersey Media Group & KDC Solar create one of states largest solar facilities


This load is equivalent to powering 600 houses for a year. The solar facility will have 20,400 panels. Construction starts in early 2011 and with the objective that the project be operational later in the year.

Stephen Borg, president of North Jersey Media Group, stated: "We already buy newsprint with the highest recycled content available. Our paper supplier has zero percent deforestation, meaning there is no loss in trees. We use soy-based inks. This is the next big step. We used all the space available to install this solar facility including erecting car ports with panels on top. The end result is almost fifty percent of our electricity needs will be met through the sun."

KDC Solar’s CEO, Hal Kamine, added: "We are excited about the opportunity to team with North Jersey Media Group and bring additional environmental benefits to their Rockaway operations. The solar facility at the Rockaway plant is a wonderful example of the environment created by New Jersey policymakers for solar energy to deliver long-term low cost energy for a New Jersey company which employs more than 1,100 people with behind-the-meter solar electric systems."