Nuera Solar announces partnership with the Solar Village Project


Nuera Solar CEO, President, and Founder Sean Brown explained the importance of the relationship between Nuera Solar and the Solar Village Project. “Nuera Solar has three governing values, one of which is to bless the lives of others. We provide clean, renewable solar power to our customers, and in turn we help them save money on their power bills and do their part to help the environment. This partnership helps us do even more. There is a direct one-to-one correlation. For every Nuera Solar system that is installed, a family in Africa, India, or Polynesia will receive the gift of light and power. Our customers are not just saving money on their power bills and helping the environment, they are also giving the invaluable gift of light and power to families who couldn’t have access to it otherwise.”

“I’m extremely excited about what this partnership means for the Solar Village Project,” stated Joe Kselman, Director of the Solar Village Project. “With Nuera’s support we will be able to reach so many more communities in need while simultaneously providing additional resources like solar water pumps and large solar arrays for village schools without access to electricity. There are 1.3 billion people living without access to electricity and in the 21st century we believe access to electricity is a fundamental necessity, similar to food, clothing, and shelter. The fact that so many people are living without electricity is a real travesty and the solution to the problem is solar, which is a quintessential leap frog technology. Much of the developing world doesn’t have a centralized power distribution network and just as cell phones have already superseded the need to install landline telephones in these places, so too can solar bypass the need for grid connections.”

Kselman continued, “If more products and services were based on the ‘buy one, give one’ principle, many of the world’s problems related to poverty and deprivation could be easily eliminated. The Nuera-Solar Village Project partnership is a beautiful opportunity for people here in the states to not only lower their power bills and combat global warming, but it’s also an opportunity to directly support a family at the very bottom of the socioeconomic scale in the developing world.”