Official release of European Perovskite-PV White Paper


The white paper encompasses a description of the unique features of this material, the potential manufacturing and cost advantages, the stability and environmental aspects, the various products applications and the overall progression roadmap that is planned by the research community within Europe.

The publication also expresses the need for further commitment and support from European organizations as well as other relevant agencies within its member states to make this innovative technology a success story on the European continent.

Louis Huber, coordinator of EPKI, commented, “At EPKI, we strongly believe that perovskite PV represents a great opportunity which has just begun to reveal itself. Through the edition of this white paper, the European Perovskite Initiative is acting as one voice for all its partners, asking for further support and plans to raise awareness among investors and the industrial community”.

This is a demonstration of a research community taking the initiative to join forces to create a single and therefore very powerful, white paper. This first edition entitled “Perovskite-based photovoltaics: A unique chance for European PV-industry” is available for download from Hard copies will be distributed around EU-PVSEC Marseille, communicated to policy makers and will be also be made available on demand.

About EPKI:

EPKI was officially launched in May 2019 and has continued to grow since that time. Currently, it comprises of 73 European companies, research institutes and universities from 18 countries. It brings together 800 researchers and engineers involved in research, engineering and application activities for the future deployment of perovskite PV technology.

EPKI aims to raise the awareness of perovskite-based photovoltaics with governments, politicians, investors, industries, to support and initiate new generation Perovskite-PV industrial initiatives, and to facilitate joint-research programs and synergies amongst its members. New member candidates are welcome and invited to get in touch with us.

This European initiative is being coordinated by Ronn Andriessen, director at Solliance and consultant Louis Huber from Greensquare.

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