One of the key C&I 500W+ rooftop projects was powered by JinkoSolar Tiger Pro Modules in Pakistan


775 pieces of Tiger Pro modules were installed atop the rooftop of the pharmaceutical factory and will generate 633 MWh electricity annually for operation and manufacturing. Thanks to Tiger Pro’s high efficiency as well as its ultra-high power generation performance, the project has a short payback of 3 years. Tiger Pro has once again confirmed its significant advantages for the great combination of module size and performance for both the C&I Rooftop and utility market in Pakistan.

Gener Miao, Chief Marketing Officer of JinkoSolar, commented,” We are grateful and proud that Hadron Solar chose JinkoSolar Tiger Pro modules for this project. The Pakistan local market is rapidly moving towards high-performance modules to reduce costs and initial upfront capital investment. With the competitiveness of efficiency as well as power generation of Tiger Pro modules, we wish to support the project to maximize the return on the investment. It is JinkoSolar’s honor to lead the local market into the next generation of industry standards and drive the PV industry developing into a new chapter.”