Overseas Markets changing rapidly, SOFARSOLAR Won “Top Brand PV Inverter” in Poland, Brazil and India Again


It is this persistence that makes SOFARSOLAR’s each step very stable in the domestic and foreign markets.

Relying on the steady internationalization development strategy, SOFARSOLAR keeps a strong growth momentum on the main business of PV inverter, energy storage inverter and battery in the market both at home and abroad: its products sell well in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, covering six regional markets, including Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania; its market share is far ahead, ensuring a winning position in China, Poland, Brazil, the United Kingdom, India, Italy, South Korea, etc. and its core competitive products achieves the strategic breakthrough from “0” to “1” for high-end markets such as Japan and Dubai.

Recently, EuPD Research, a European evaluation organization known as “Industry Bellwether”, selected the manufacturing enterprises with outstanding performance worldwide and awarded the title of “Top Brand PV Inverter”  through conducting multiple surveys and analyses on the quality, product sales strength and brand satisfaction of the inverters of different brands.

As the top 3 inverter export brand for several consecutive months in 2020, SOFARSOLAR is once again rated as “Top Brand PV Inverter” in Poland, Brazil and India by virtue of its far leading share and household brand degree, on the one hand showing its strength, and on the other hand representing high recognition from analysts and customers, which has laid a solid foundation for SOFARSOLAR to continue to expand its overseas market, enhance its core technology and innovation ability, and implement its overseas strategy horizontally and vertically.

Zhong Qizheng said that in recent years, an increasing number of domestic PV enterprises began to come to stage in the international market. In this big stage where opportunities and challenges coexist, whether they can stand up, dance gracefully and keep a beautiful posture depends on the further self-improvement of  PV enterprises. At present, it is still the top priority for domestic PV enterprises to make achievements in the international market by deepening the market, improving quality and shaping brand.

In the future, SOFARSOLAR will continue to upgrade the consumer experience by starting from customers and creatively providing them with valuable services to become the most innovative expert enterprise in the industry, and the proud partner of customers. SOFARSOLAR will also shoulder the mission of new energy enterprises, accelerate the pace of energy integration and intelligent interconnection, promote the application and popularization of global clean energy, and create a green and beautiful home.