Parity Solar completes 200 kW advanced BIPV project in China


The city’s impressive New Area Court House complex has BIPV modules installed on a curved surface, and both crystalline and thin film modules over a skylight area on the rooftop, producing 200 kilowatts (kW) of PV power in total.

The project also features the new Satcon Solstice inverter technology, which maximizes power yield while allowing mixed technologies and mounting configurations to be managed by a single system.

The system was successfully connected to the grid in late December, in order to meet the Jiangsu 2010 deadline to receive feed-in tariff rate of 3.0 RMB per kWh.

The showcase development has attracted the interest of other government and industrial organizations, leading to some significant new projects for Parity Solar. These will be announced by the company as they complete over the next year.

“China continues to be a promising but challenging market for PV, but Parity Solar has invested to create a complete EPC and development team. We are making great progress and are preparing to emerge as a leading systems company in China as the market develops,” remarked Scott Burton, CEO of Parity Solar.