PVH presents Monoline 2V-60B, the bifacial version of its newest single-axis solar tracker


The enormous advantages of bifacial modules are setting a new standard in the photovoltaic industry, and many experts are convinced that they will soon become the dominant design. This technology allows for more light to be captured, because the rear-side of the panel also benefits from sun exposure. PVH is ready to offer the best companion for bifacial modules: the Monoline 2V-60B, a single-axis tracker that supports 60 panels per row.

The design of PVH’s market-tested tracker has been forged during years of experience in the global utility-scale PV market, and incorporates over 6 years of lessons learned, earned from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders of PV projects worldwide. The result is an investment-grade solar tracker that addresses the multiple needs of the owner and EPC alike, driving down the levelized cost of electricity of PV energy.

Monoline, single-axis trackers at their best

The bifacial Monoline is not the only option PVH has to offer. Monoline 2V-60 (60 panels per row) and Monoline 3H-90 (90 panels per row) are models for non-bifacial panels that also feature all the other key elements.

With its motor-per-row architecture, the Monoline is especially suited for hilly terrain and irregularly shaped plots, as well as those with obstacles. Besides, it only has five foundations per tracker, which provides the EPC with a quicker and less expensive installation, and direct module attachment to rigid steel panel rails eliminate vibratory/thermal expansion and over-torquing risks associated with aluminum sandwich clamps.

The Monoline’s robust structure allows for a 25-year design life. It is easy to operate, and integrates with most SCADAs for remote control. The panel rails are made of HDG steel or Magnelis, and are apt for direct module attachment and grounding. They get securely attached to the torque tube, which has splices made with easy-to-install bolt-on clamps eliminating field welding or time consuming tasks.

PVH is a provider of innovative solar tracking solutions for the global utility-scale solar market. PVH’s product lines are designed and engineered by leading industry professionals to deliver the lowest total cost of installation while providing unparalleled customer service and support during all phases of the project. Since 2011, PVH has designed and delivered single-axis trackers in multiple markets worldwide, earning the necessary experience to successfully manage solar tracker installations of any capacity, at any location. PVH currently produces an annual capacity of 3,5 GW.