REB2B supplies solar PV system for unique project


The massive array covers the roof of an entire industrial unit at steel fabricators PFG Fabrication in Bampton, Mid Devon. It comprises 354 solar PV modules, producing 74.34kW of electricity – equivalent to the power needed to run about 25 houses. Because installations of this scale are so rare, PFG conducted extensive research into solar PV systems and suppliers throughout the UK and internationally.

They spoke to 40 different companies before choosing to source their system from REB2B. PFG were keen to get the highest output from the system, and a guaranteed power yield – so REB2B recommended one of the best quality solar PV modules available in the UK – the Sovello SV-X210.

The PFG system is now the largest Sovello installation in the country. Four powerful RefuSOL inverters were also supplied – regarded as the most efficient inverters in the world. The PFG project was the first RefuSOL installation in the UK. PFG themselves took on the challenge of installing the huge system, even manufacturing specially designed mounting racks, under REB2B’s guidance. These angle the panels to catch more daylight, thus overcoming the poor solar orientation of the roof, and dramatically improving the system’s performance. From the outset the project was also carefully guided by another local company, Eco-Exmoor of Barnstaple.

MCS accredited, Eco-Exmoor provided training to PFG in how to install the system, supervised the installation and electrical work, and was responsible for the commissioning. Another Devon-based company, Utility Cost Reductions, also provided support with assessing feasibility, arranging the feed-in tariff, and negotiating with the local planning authority regarding the installation. Now, just a few weeks after the system began generating power, PFG is confident its £230,000 investment was a wise one.

Paul Govier, director of PFG Fabrication, estimates the system will both save the company money, and make money too. “While the solar PV installation is a significant investment, it’s one that makes perfect sense,” he commented. “The system generates all the power we need for the entire business; it’s likely to pay for itself in around 6-7 years, and will help us control our energy costs for many years to come.

The service and technical support we’ve received from these local companies has been vital to the success of the project.” James Trebble, director of REB2B commented: “The Sovello panels were the perfect choice for PFG, because of their reliable output and guaranteed power yield. The project presented some particular challenges. But with the four companies working closely together and combining our expertise, we’ve been able to achieve something truly unique.”