Redavia GmbH selects 3megawatt's software tool for their solar asset management


Redavia, a fast-growing supplier of specialized rental solar power solutions for remote locations, has selected 3megawatt’s “BluePoint” software tool to manage their solar assets globally.

3megawatt is dedicated to help the solar asset management community to standardize and simplify management activities and reporting. Its BluePoint software platform is currently used by solar system owners and portfolio managers to track and control 2.7GW of operational solar in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

"Redavia, has very promising business concept to provide cost-effective, convenient and clean rental solar power to reduce the cost of on-site diesel generator power”, says Edmee Kelsey – Founder and CEO, 3megawatt. “We are excited to support Redavia with refining the standards of their asset management operations in simple and effective ways”.

BluePoint was conceived in 2012 as a result of a simple observation: the installed base of solar operating assets is growing very fast, but the industry has no tools to manage them.

This mismatch led 3megawatt’s company Founder and CEO, Edmee Kelsey, to create a universal solar asset management methodology and to develop BluePoint as a platform to support it. With its powerful, easy to use and integrated set of applications, BluePoint is fully scalable, making it the preferred choice for solar portfolio managers and system owners. 3megawatt’s mission is to make solar asset management organizations more efficient, one business transformation after another

“As a fast-growing company, it’s very important for us to have the right tools to manage our global asset pool. BluePoint caters to all our requirements, both commercial and operational.” says Erwin Spolders – CEO of Redavia.