Redefining ESS to Help Restore Our Planet | EVE Attends Energy Storage Summit 2024 in London and Delivers a Speech


At the summit, Wendy Ye, CMO of EVE Energy Storage Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech titled “Redefining ESS with the Next-Generation Mr. Big & Mr. Giant”, in which she reviewed the evolution of energy and looked ahead to the future of energy storage. She also elaborated on the Mr Flagship Series products, providing reliable and innovative insights for the development of energy storage.

Transforming energy structures to restore our planet

So far, our energy utilization methods have transformed from those under the primitive structure, represented by the use of firewood, to those under the renewable photovoltaic energy structure, aiming to restore our planet. During that, it is significant to develop an energy storage method that tackles the time difference problem of photovoltaic power generation.

According to the prediction of IHS, a globally authoritative consulting agency, by 2030, the global cumulative installed capacity of energy storage will reach 1,420 GWh. The large-scale development of energy storage power stations from 0.1 GWh to 1 GWh and then to 10 GWh will become an inevitable trend. However, as the scale of energy storage power stations expands, problems such as cost efficiency, operation and maintenance complexity, and safety become increasingly prominent, making the need for advanced energy storage technology and design that can solve the difficulties more urgent in the industry.

Revolutionizing the industry and redefining ESS

Based on the above insights, Wendy Ye, CMO of EVE Energy Storage Co., Ltd. said: We released CTT (Cell to TWh) super-large cell technology in 2022 and launched Mr Flagship Series products in January 2024. With the characteristics called ESS (Efficient, Simple, and Safe), Mr Flagship Series products can break the limitations of traditional energy storage technology, redefine the ESS concept, and solve problems such as cost efficiency, complexity of operation and maintenance management, and safety of large-scale energy storage power stations in advance.

Harnessing the spirit of scientists to create top-of-the-world energy storage batteries

As the world's leading lithium enterprise, EVE Energy has been adhering to the R&D innovation fueled by the spirit of electrochemical scientists for 23 years. The newly released Mr Flagship Series is based on electrochemical theories and incorporates many advanced technologies, such as the innovative current collection technology, 3T technology, and the special coated separators, thus enabling minimal heat loss between charging and discharging cycles, which has steadily improved energy efficiency and safety.

Through a series of innovations including proprietary chemical systems, processes, and structures, EVE Energy has overcome challenges related to the energy efficiency and safety of high-capacity batteries and 5 MWh energy storage systems and empowered large-scale energy storage applications, showcasing its ESS advantages while highlighting its leading strength in the field of energy storage technology.

In the global context of carbon emission reduction, EVE Energy will continue to promote lithium battery technology innovation, optimize production efficiency, create reliable benchmark products, and empower large-scale energy storage power stations, thus ensuring power supply with new energy anytime and anywhere, accelerating energy transition, and restoring our planet.