RESO Power announces multi-million dollar Sustainable Power Project in Nigeria


Multi-Million Dollar Sustainable Power Project in Nigeria: A Testament to Trust and Collaboration

We are delighted to announce that following a successful visit to our facilities in the Netherlands last year by Nigerian government officials, we have secured a multi-million dollar sustainable power project in Nigeria. This groundbreaking collaboration features our innovative i-GRID a micro-grid solution from RESO Power, now available as MARUTECH, in partnership with MARU and Sustainolution.

The successful finalization of this deal is a testament to the trust and thorough documentation that underpins the partnership between RESO Power and its Nigerian partners. This project demonstrates our joint commitment to a sustainable future through the utilization of cutting-edge energy solutions like the i-Grid.

RESO Power expresses gratitude for the support of the Nigerian government and is excited about the potential for more sustainable energy projects in Nigeria's growing portfolio. The company is currently in discussions with stakeholders from India, Africa, and Latin America, all of whom are eager to harness the transformative power of our innovative i-GRID technology.

As a company dedicated to driving sustainable change worldwide, RESO Power is committed to providing innovative energy solutions that will make a significant impact. Stay tuned for further updates on the progress of this momentous project and our unwavering dedication to sustainability.