SEDA launches the country’s first national solar photovoltaic monitoring system


However, there is no single platform that allows real-time data to be disseminated. The PVMS is funded by the Malaysian Electricity Supply Industries Trust Account (MESITA) under MESTECC. The Authority has been actively developing this platform ever since the idea was first mooted in 2015.This PVMS will generate leads to performance database which monitors selected grid-connected solar PV systems for performance and reliability.

The performance and reliability of the key components of the solar PV systems such as PV modules and inverters will be monitored. The PVMS also acts as an information platform for solar PV in the country. The monitoring system is available for subscription.

To begin with, 120 grid-connected solar PV systems (up to 1MW in capacity) throughout Malaysia are being monitored on a realtime basis. SEDA will continue to make more grid connected solar PV systems come onstream in the future. This database will become the reference for designing national energy policies and programmes in the future.

The PVMS portal can be accessed via: