Single Phase 10.5KW Inverter for Brazil Market from Deye


then hydropower will be limited seriously, leading to the people life affected severely. However,a lot of people dream of turning their abundant sunshine into electricity, which not only can satisfy their electricity needs but also can reduce their electricity bills and protect their environment as well.

As a one of major players of in Brazil solar inverter market, Deye has about 17% market share in 2020. Thanks for the Brazil local team of Deye including pre-sale & after-sale engineers and warehouse in Rio de Janeiro, Deye products and service have been well received by customers in recent years. To cater to the mass-market, Deye plans to launch new generation single phase 10.5kW On-grid inverter-SUN-10.5K-G, for household and light commercial rooftop application. This series 9/10/10.5kW comes with 2 MPPT/4 strings and its Max. DC input current up to 12.5A*4, adapting to majority high power solar panel of 400-550W. Also, it features in smaller size and light in weight (15.7KG for 10.5k model). It is equipped with LCD display and buttons, greatly improving the convenience for end users and O&M engineers. At same time, it supports remotely monitoring, parameters setup and firmware updating via PC and mobile phone Apps. In order to adapt to the complicated grid, this series inverter has a wide range of output voltage 160-300Vac, which greatly extends the working hours and results in getting more yields.

Another highlight for SUN 9-10.5K-G series products, it is capable of adjusting the active power and reactive power. According to the picture on the bottom left, the curve-U and curve-I have same phase, in this situation the PF is near to 1 and the inverter output power is active power completely.

For self-consumption type commercial grid-tie plant, it always needs install reactive power compensation device (SVG) to improve the PF, avoiding penalties from electricity provider. If the solar inverter has capability to adjust active power and reactive power, it may balance the PF so that the additional SVG is not needed. More details please refer to below picture. The left picture shows solar production providing active power only (by default), and the right picture shows solar system with an appropriate set point value of the solar inverters to avoid power factor penalties

Ningbo Deye Inverter Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2007 with registered capital of 30 million USD, is one of the China’s high-tech enterprises and a subsidiary of Deye Group. Deye is dedicated to providing complete photovoltaic power system solutions, and the grid-tie string inverter power range from 1.5kW to 110kW, hybrid inverter power range of 3kW-12kW, microinverter power sized at 300W-2000W. With a plant area over 15,000㎡and complete production and testing equipment, Deye has become a major player in the global solar inverter market.