SOFAR Displays its Comprehensive Portfolio at Solar Solutions International 2023


Against the backdrop of REPowerEU strategy, Solar Solutions International attracted much attention as the biggest energy and environment international trade show in the Netherlands. To better serve the goal of accelerating local energy transition, SOFAR demonstrated its brand-new 100-125KTL-G4 tailored for C&I and small-scale utility applications. The inverter features industry-leading ultra-high current with 40A*10MPPTs, perfectly compatible with high power modules and different roof designs. Apart from enhanced system safety with AFCI and I-V curve scanning, one of its obvious and very real benefits include increased yields and reduced operating costs. Considering the rising labor costs in Europe, the light weight of less than 75kg can effectively save extra costs for end-users.

Meanwhile, catering to the steady growth of Dutch energy storage annual installations, SOFAR PowerAll was presented as a prime solution for residential storage. The system adopts a fully modular design and can be stacked in any combination, helping realize flexible battery capacity expansion. With a deeply integrated lithium battery and inverter, the intelligent system automatically controls the power flow direction to achieve optimal power distribution, with less than 10ms of switchover time from charging to discharging.

Allen Cao, Head of SOFAR Europe, made a pledge to satisfy various demands of the Dutch market and increase the nation’s pace in adopting more renewable energy. “Since the establishment of our Dutch office, SOFAR has been continuously expanding the local sales and service team, building deeper partnerships with influential EPCs and investors, as well as introducing our solutions to major local distributors. In the future, we will take the initiative to navigate the region’s green transition and diversify its energy supply,” he added.