Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023: A Recap of Deye’s Energy Showcase


Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023, held on November 29th and 30th at Messe Düsseldorf, emerged as the premier trade fair for solar professionals in North-Rhine Westphalia. With over 200 exhibitors, the event covered all facets of the solar sector, showcasing the latest products and innovations in solar panels, modules, mounting systems, inverters, and energy storage solutions.

The exhibition provided a platform for companies to express their unwavering confidence and expectations for the solar market in Germany. Amidst a growing global focus on renewable energy, Solar Solutions Düsseldorf played a pivotal role in reinforcing the country's commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

At this exhibition, Deye showcased a variety of energy storage solutions, starting with the AI-W5.1-ESS low-voltage hybrid ESS. It’s an integrated machine with a stackable design. It supports high discharge power with natural cooling, ensuring reliability and safety for residential use. The intelligent BMS provides complete protection, while auto networking facilitates rapid and easy installation without the need for extensive wiring.

Deye also brought out his new micro-inverter series in this exhibition. The SUN-M40G4-EU-Q0 micro-inverter boasts an IP67 protection degree and WiFi communication, ensuring robust performance. The rapid shutdown function and easy installation make it suitable for quick-plug balcony PV systems. With complete NS protection, self-check functionality, and an external relay with advantages like low temperature and long life, SUN-M40G4-EU-Q0 stands out as a convenient and durable solution. Its 25-year design lifetime underscores its longevity and sustainability.