SolarEdge PV inverters set record CEC efficiency rating?


The SolarEdge Monitoring solution is also eligible by the California Solar Initiative (CSI) and appears on the List of Performance Monitoring and Reporting Service Providers (PMRS). The SolarEdge system is available in the US through the distributors AEE Solar, DC Power Systems, and others.

??“We are proud to be confirmed as America's most efficient single-phase solar inverter” said John Berdner, SolarEdge general manager for North America. “It is part of our commitment to our customers world-wide, to supply the most efficient, safe, reliable and cost effective PV systems."?

The high efficiency of the SolarEdge solar inverters means not only more power to all users, but also higher incentive payments for system owners in the US, as some incentive calculation methods (such as CSI's EPBB) are directly related to the CEC inverter efficiency rating.

??The SolarEdge inverters, intended for residential and commercial installations, were specifically designed to work with the company's PowerBoxes – module-integrated power optimizers – that provide module-level performance-monitoring and safety mechanisms, and maximize energy throughput by individually tracking Maximum Power Point (MPP) for each and every PV module.

Due to the distributed architecture, the inverters always operate at their optimal input voltage, which remains fixed regardless of temperature or string length. DC and AC disconnects and a built-in communication gateway are included, further increasing the cost-effectiveness. The inverters are rated for indoor or outdoor use (NEMA3R) and are provided with a standard 12 year warranty.

The distributed architecture of the SolarEdge system enables cost-efficient production of up to 25% more energy from any PV installation, eliminates design constraints, provides complete panel-level and whole-system visibility for monitoring and maintenance alerts through built-in communication hardware, provides complete safety and anti-theft mechanisms, all while reducing the cost of energy.

SolarEdge is currently working with industry-leading partners to embed its active electronics directly into PV panels.