Solarig: New investments in Malta

Solarig confirms an investment of over 10 million Euros in PV installations after signing the concession agreement with the Maltese Government for the construction of 4,5MW of Photovoltaic installations and the recent creation of a Control & Analysis Center in the Mediterranean island last July.

Solarig, a multinational photovoltaic company, will develop more than 45 rooftop PV installations (?67,000 square meters) on Maltese public buildings, after signing the Concession Agreement in consortium with a Maltese company, for the technical design, construction and operation of these facilities. The installations to be developed totalize a capacity of approximately 4,5MW and are located in several government owned buildings, such as Ministries, hospitals, reservoirs and schools, which the Maltese Government has identified as adequate areas.

The Concession Agreement was preceded by an award letter, personally delivered by the Resources and Rural Affairs Minister, Mr. George Pullicino, during the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Conference held in Malta last September and in which it was discussed the use of renewable energy in isolated territories, such as islands. The Minister remarked that the development of this photovoltaic installations, included under the Maltese Government energy strategy, represent an excellent option for meeting the targets set for 2020. This plan aims to achieve by 2020 a 10% renewable energy generation in the country.

In addition, Solarig selected Malta for the creation of its Control & Analysis Center, that supports all installations managed by the group in different countries and which is in operation since last July.

The creation of this center was motivated by the need to centralize and optimize all configuration, control and coordination processes, such as the standardization of all procedures, the establishment of control system’s common parameters, the global monitoring of all video surveillance systems or the optimization of resolution and response timings. The final purpose is getting better energy production data and therefore an over performance result.

The recently created Control & Analysis Center joins all know-how and experience acquired by Solarig. It supports the different installations that the company manages and facilitates the access and competitiveness in new PV markets due to its worldwide integrated structure.