SoloPower Systems Launches World’s Lightest Off-Grid Energy Solution to Bring Electricity to Emerging Economies


SoloPower Systems, the photovoltaic technology company specializing in the design, manufacture and deployment of CIGS flexible thin-film solar technology, announced today that it is launching Solo BucketTM, a new portable power kit that will bring electricity to emerging economies around the world, with an inaugural order of 10,000 units. Solo Bucket, the world’s lightest off-grid energy solution, is designed to meet the harsh conditions in regions such as Africa and India and improve access to human rights, such as education and healthcare.

The kit contains an ultra-durable, flexible and lightweight solar panel, as well as a battery, connectors, lighting and chargers. It also has options for an alternative current (AC) converter and/or a cell phone interface for remote operation, enabling “prepay” and “pay-as-you-go” billing solutions . Housed in a 25-liter bucket, the Solo Bucket weighs less than 10 kilograms and can be transported easily and safely. Because it is designed for safe and easy set up by anyone, the unit can be operational in just two minutes, and can be packed up for transport in 60 seconds.

“There are over one billion people across the world that do not have access to electricity today,” said Robert Campbell, CEO of SoloPower Systems. “We strongly believe that affordable sources of power should be available to everyone. The unique design of our solar module and of the SoloBucket makes the dream of providing electricity to over one billion people without it that much closer to reality.”

“There is a huge market opportunity for this new product in regions like Africa, India and the Middle East,” said Raymond du Plooy, CEO ofDumont Power and South African distributor of the Solo Bucket. “We have received a tremendous response already in South Africa with commitments for over 10,000 Solo Buckets. Feedback from NGOs and customers confirms that this is a significantly superior solution to anything we have seen so far.”