SSE 500KW solar inverter passed the LVRT field test

On November 13, at the project site of Qinghai Delingha Huawei Photoelectric 10MW solar power plant (I) generally contracted by Surpass Sun Electric, the grid-connected solar inverter SPG-500k3TL developed independently by SSE once passed the low voltage ride through & frequency disturbance test of China EPRI National Energy Solar Center.

Low voltage ride through(LVTR) is when there is a short circuit in the grid due to a fault and the voltage drops, the grid-connected inverter can remain on-grid and even inject reactive power to the grid to help the grid restore as well as provide dynamic voltage support and ride through short circuit barriers to keep the normal and stable operation of the grid. National Energy Administration and the State Grid Corporation requires the LVTR function for grid solar inverters to prevent the blackout of solar power generation system due to grid fault, as a result, LVTR test has become a key technology for the access to the grid and end users.

As a leading enterprise in the core technology field of photovoltaic power generation, SSE has launched home use inverters successively from 1.5kW to 10kW as well as a full range of large power solar inverters with the unit capacity of 100kW, 250kW, 500kW and MW level, which obtained a number of national certificates and patents. Among these, the 250kW solar inverter won the provincial certificate for scientific and technological achievement in July, 2010 and reach advanced international level, identified by experts including ones from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Passing the LVTR test is not only a symbol of another key technology breakthrough in the photovoltaic field for SSE 500KW inverters but also a solid foundation for the further expansion of SSE in photovoltaic market.