Sungrow joined hands with IBC SOLAR in the newly-connected Maniago installation

The plant is located in Maniago with 5MW installation capacity in total, and was developed, engineered and constructed by IBC SOLAR AG, a leading global specialist in photovoltaic systems. The solar park produces about 6 million kilowatt hours of environmentally friendly solar power per year, enough to supply 1,500 Italian households and save approx. 3,300 tons of harmful CO2 emissions.

It’s reported that Sungrow supplied all the 321pcs of three-phase string inverters to this installation for the high-efficiency conversion of generated DC-power into AC-power to be fed into the electricity grid. Compared to central inverters, string inverters are light-weighted but still with high efficiency, making this distributed-inverter concept flexible and easy to handle without lift machinery assistance, and also help EPCs, investors and developers to reduce the cost of installation and maintenance.

“Sungrow always provides customers with high-quality products and services, and paid attention to clients’ present and prospective demands when we developed a new product or upgraded a type of technology, and our long-last focus on the renewable energy industry brought us more and more honest partners all around the world, indeed, since success is to be shared. ”, Mr. Raymond Wong, V.P. of Sungrow, said.

Since September 2012, Sungrow has been an official partner of IBC SOLAR AG which is distributing Sungrow’s inverters into various European markets and also using them for some of their own PV plants. “By including Sungrow inverters into our product portfolio, we are expanding our broad range of high-quality products offering an ideal price-performance ratio,” said Norbert Hahn, IBC SOLAR board member. It’s known as after a period of steady operation, all control functions of the PV plant which could in any case be required by the utility companies, can be implemented together with Sungrow’s partner companies Solare-Datensysteme, Meteo-Control, Skytron and Papendorf-SE.