Sungrow Sets to Grow Utility-scale Clean Power with a 320 MW Project in Denmark


Sungrow is supporting EPC BeGreen on a new project pipeline of utility-scale solar PPA installations in the country. The news comes as Sungrow makes moves to expand into the Nordic countries and is the first partnership of its type between the two companies.

The project, named Brilliant, will deploy mainly utility-scale solar of 320 MWp, (258 megavolt amperes). The project is set for delivery as early as July this year, with grid connection scheduled for the final quarter of 2022.

BeGreen has chosen to integrate Sungrow's multi-MPPT SG250HX string inverter into their projects. The SG250HX features easy installation, smart operations and maintenance as well as 12 MPPTs with maximum yield of 99% efficiency. Sungrow's award-winning portfolio of inverters are designed for seamless integration whilst prioritising affordability and performance. An additional advantage of the SG250HX for this region is the innovative C5 coating and cooling concept with heat exchanger, which gives the system added protection and durability on sites prone to strong winds and coastal areas with salt air which is corrosive.

Director for the CEE and Nordics Region at Sungrow, Moritz Rolf, said: “We are proud to support BeGreen in the development of their utility-scale solar deployment pipeline. This is the first project pipeline of this scale for Sungrow in Denmark, a country with vast potential for further solar power generation, which offers energy security and independence and reduces carbon emissions in this vital decade for the clean energy transition. Sungrow is committed to providing clean power for all and we look forward to progressing with this project stream.”

Denmark could reach the milestone of one gigawatt of installed solar capacity this year. The country is a promising market for continued growth of the solar sector, as the world strives to phase out fossil fuels in light of the latest IPCC report findings which call for the continued scaling up of clean energy assets.

BeGreen is an EPC focused on realising their vision of building solar parks in Denmark completely without public subsidies. The company achieved this for the first time in 2019. Since then, more parks have been added, with the ambition to produce as many as 4,000 gigawatt hours of clean power every year before the end of 2025. BeGreen's projects to date have saved 240,000 tonnes CO2e with a view to save a total of 3,400,000 tonnes CO2e by the close of 2025.

Anders Dolmer, Leading Partner at BeGreen Denmark said: “As a company, we are passionate about the green transition. We want to make a difference in cooperation with municipalities, farmers, neighbours and interest groups, so that together we can solve the climate challenge in a sustainable and acceptable way for the benefit of future generations. We want to lead the Danish way.”

Sungrow has been granted approval to commence work in the country from the Danish transmission system operator Energinet. Northern Europe represents a key market for Sungrow which has installed over 224 gigawatts of solar worldwide in its 25 years of operation.